Aarhus University

Efficiency improvements of logistics research with Conpleks Clara Cloud

“The trick of having everything gathered at Conpleks is that all data comes in one format whether the tractor is yellow, red, green or blue. Additionally, we can access the data in the cloud, wherever we are, which provides us with a proper and accessible data foundation”

– Michael Nørremark, Senior Researcher at Aarhus University, Department of Engineering

Researchers from Aarhus University analyze farming logistics by monitoring a larger Danish farm’s fleet of harvest machinery. The purpose of the logistics research is to reduce the harvesting costs through concrete solutions.

To perform the actual data collection the researchers use ten trackers from Conpleks Innovation combined with the company’s cloud system, Conpleks Clara Cloud. The trackers deliver real-time data consisting of machinery speed and location, which can be seen in and downloaded from the cloud system. Based on these data, the researchers carry out a behavioral analysis for the machinery fleet, including where the machines are placed relative to the others at a given point in time.

– Earlier on the data collection required a man on each tool to manually record the driving. That is no longer necessary, as we can always see exactly where all the machines are. With the trackers we can observe the fleet without being present making this a solution we undoubtedly will use in many different projects in the future, says Michael Nørremark.

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