• Full resource utilization with
    GPS-based robot technology

    With user-friendly, proprietary controllers and Apps, which control and monitor all relevant features, the journey from good idea to solid solution is very short.

  • From idea to finished product
    in no time

    With professional in-house competences on hardware, software and mechanics, Conpleks Robotech develops customized solutions that are competitive on both development time and performance.

  • Solutions for autonomous robots
    for outdoor use

    Conpleks Robotech’s robot solutions are based on extremely flexible and rugged, award-winning technology platforms, which ensure ideal conditions for safety and automation and thereby increased productivity.

  • Robot automation based on a
    complete software platform

    The proprietary software platform ensures a strong foundation for an agile and professional development of new products, including prototypes based on the available software components.


    As we have modern robot technology at hand, there is no good reason why people should carry out tough and dangerous tasks. That is why we constantly work on developing solutions for outdoor, mobile robots that support jobs, where the employees solve interesting and technically based tasks, while the robots solve the hazardous and routinely ones.

    We automate the processes behind the wearing and unsafe tasks and implement them in the robots, before we get them started. In that way, the outdoor, mobile robots swiftly become valued colleagues and business partners for the employees.

    Every outdoor, mobile robot, we develop, is based on our own developed and patented robot technologies. This means that we beside the complete robot solutions also can add new functions to existing robots.

    Conpleks takes away hard and wearing tasks