• Creative and focused innovation
    that delivers

    By using well-described and clear design and development processes and modern design and verification tools, Conpleks Innovation can compete on both quality and cost-efficiency

  • From idea to finished product
    in no time

    With professional in-house competences on software, hardware and mechanics, Conpleks Innovation develops customized solutions that are competitive on both development time and performance.


    As an experienced development company we know, how important it is, when it comes to development projects, to get off to a good start and to reach the finish line safely. Therefore, our desire is to contribute with knowledge and competences to various development processes, in a way that they can be carried out appropriately and professionally.

    Our counselling within software, hardware and mechanics can take any development project to the next level, as we have the necessary experience with developing innovative and advanced solutions. We are very professional and master flexible and agile processes that includes our various design competences broached in a committed and targeted way.

    One thing that characterizes Conpleks is that we can both complete a whole development process from idea to finished product, and that we can handle single issues. In that way, we can contribute to any stage of a development process. Additionally, we make prototypes, which can be varied as required. That is, from initial idea tests with cost-effective proof of concepts and mockups to prototypes, which are close copies of the finished product.