• Creative Innovation Services
    On time and at the right cost...

    Using a well-describe and clear design and development process and up-to-date design and verification tools we will do our utmost to satisfy your requirements in a competivite and cost-efficient way

  • From idea to finished product
    in no time...

    With professional in-house competences on hardware, software and mechanics, we can develop customized solutions and be competitive on both development time and performance.


    Customized solutions based on competent and focused development processes

    Conpleks Innovation is an R&D consultancy company with a number of special competences within software, hardware and mechanical design. Many years of experience mean that Conpleks can act as a sparring partner for both individual issues and for whole development processes from idea to finished product. In that way, Conpleks Innovation can be involved exactly when needed.

    One of the main things, Conpleks is working with, is embedded software and PCB design for outdoor, mobile robots handling various tasks. Among other the company also provides consultancy about environmental tests, compliance with international standards and digital electronics.