Project model

Conpleks can handle both the whole development process from idea to finished product or assist with single, selected issues and subtasks. Regardless of when we are involved, the project development is controlled by focused professionals, who now their crafts and toolbox.

Conpleks uses a four phased project model


From idea to finished product

When we develop a product, our basis is a four phased project model. The first is the Analysis Phase that ensures the project a good start using various professional and technical analyzes. Next is the Study Phase, which concludes in a product proposal and a goal-oriented project plan. The third phase is the actual Development Phase, where the final design is determined. Finally, the fourth phase is the Conclusion Phase, in which the final product is prepared for sale.

Analysis Phase
• Implementation proposals
• Relevant technologies
• Required development tasks
• Associated risks

Study Phase
• Overall design and technologies
• Suggestion for materials and construction
• Time plan, budget and success criteria
• Resources and competences

Development Phase
• Definition of final design, both high-level and in details
• Execution of the actual design projects
• Coordination of parallel project tracks within hardware, software and mechanics
• Construction of test environments and selection of test equipment

Conclusion Phase
• Assessment of production and product quality
• Clarification of production setup
• Completion of certification work
• Project documentation and user guides are handed over
• Final product, ready for marketing and sales

The element, which ties the different phases together, is our specialized management system that puts document and quality management in the forefront. Furthermore, cooperation is a crucial element, as we lay emphasis on ongoing orientations regarding progress and results by means of which all significant decisions can be made jointly.