Conpleks consist of the two companies Conpleks Innovation and Conpleks Robotech. Conpleks Innovation was founded in 2010 by Hans Knutsson and Tom Simonsen. In 2016 they expanded the Conpleks business and started Conpleks Robotech.

Conpleks Innovation offers professional counselling within software, hardware and mechanics for all kinds of research and development projects. Conpleks Robotech works primarily with sale and supply of licensed robot software and controller hardware for outdoor, mobile robots. In few years Conpleks Robotech has grown rapidly and represents 80% of the total business.

Engineering and technical knowledge and knowhow is the foundation of the corporate setup and with a group of highly skilled and educated employees Conpleks Innovation and Conpleks Robotech are strong and solid business partners. From the headquarter in BusinessPark Struer, Denmark, both companies serve customers from all over the world.

The innovative, cross-sectional collaboration that exists in BusinessPark Struer, a community for entrepreneurs, suits Conpleks very well. In general, Struer is a city with many goal-oriented and technology based companies, which explains why entrepreneurship is a huge part of Struer’s DNA and one of the reasons why Struer today goes by the name City of Sound.

BusinessPark Struer - fællesskab og kontormiljøer     Struer is also known as the city of sound