The purpose of building a prototype is to demonstrate and test a potential product’s functionality and design, and based on the gained experience make the necessary improvements. At an early stage in the development process the prototype can moreover help to determine, whether the idea is marketable or not and thereby worth pursuing. In addition to contributing to the development, testing and customization of a product, prototyping can also help saving the resources, it costs, to produce products that do not work.

In continuation of this, Conpleks offers to prepare cost-effective proof of concepts with related mockups to test, whether the concept holds. Additionally, we can assist with a further development of the product in situations where the product’s basic idea and potential have only been partially matured. We can as well identify the problems, the product development may face also regarding patent rights.

All in all can a properly made prototype with correlated analyzes, tests and evaluations be the focal point of creating a better product, as the process leads to new, innovative and creative solutions.


Conpleks makes cost effective moackups    Conpleks' proto types contributes to idea testing