When it comes to mechanical design, Conpleks Innovation is a desired business partner due to our many years of experience and wide range of competences. We use different materials and techniques together with some of the most recognized 3D design and visualization systems.

• Custom-made items, including in aluminum and plastic
• Resilient, environmentally and climate adapted boxes
• Prototypes
• Plate parts such as base plates and fittings in all sizes
• Integration solutions and optimization of existing products
• Small and extremely accurate, mobile parts
• Huge, welded chassis
• Production with, among other, 3D print and turning

We can also contribute to the product development with anything between visualization, prototyping and finished product, including selecting the best suppliers of subcomponents and complete solutions.

• In-house competences within SolidWorks, Visualize, Adobe, Creo, KeyShot and more
• Development of new ideas and existing products
• Large network of suppliers and production partners
• Choice of high quality components at competitive prices
• Integration between mechanics and electronics
• Purpose oriented design solutions
• Products with a compact and complex construction

Last but not least, we keep a consequent revision and documentation management system, which ensures correct workflows and development progresses, and avoids potential errors in the production process.

Conpleks works with visulization      Conpleks designs robot