At Conpleks Innovation we apply modern and flexible development environments that support our innovative and creative software solutions. Primarily, we develop embedded software for outdoor, mobile robots, and as a supplement we have developed functional app and cloud solutions. While Conpleks Clara App ensures a rapid implementation of all relevant management functions, Conpleks Clara Cloud does position, asset and activity tracking on connected robots.

Embedded software systems
• C, C++, MISRA C and Python
• Different RTOS operation systems
• Frameworks such as ROS and Ubuntu
• SysML based design with automatic generated design and code documentation

App and cloud platforms
• JavaScript frontend with AngularJS
• JavaScript backend with NodeJS
• Java for Android
• MySQL and MongoDB databases

Modern and agile development environments
• Jira based task management
• Bitbucket based version control of the source code
• Automatic Jenkins build systems


Conpleks Clara App - a flexible app platform     Clara Cloud - Asset and activity tracking