The Danish government launches the first national robot strategy

The robot strategy shall support the development towards a more sustainable Denmark and at the same time contribute to a good educational, research and political framework for the development and application of robot technology nationwide. 

On behalf of the Danish government, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen, Minister of Education and Research, and Dan Jørgensen, Minister of Climate, Energy and Supply, presented Denmark’s first national robot strategy at an event for the press and the Danish robotics industry. The visions were clear, as the robot strategy must support that Denmark can fully realize the potentials associated with the development and use of robots, and thereby strengthening the country’s productivity and competitiveness.

The joy of recognition reigns in Struer
According to the national robot strategy, robot technology has a great green potential within agriculture and food production, including precision farming, which can reduce the need for pesticides and irrigation as well as save energy and manpower. In addition, the strategy emphasizes that robots can handle tedious tasks such as heavy lifting and weary repetitive movements.

– We welcome the new national robot strategy and applaud the many positive initiatives that will follow. At the same time we are pleased to see that many of the areas and robot functionalities, we already are working on today are mentioned in the strategy, emphasizes Tom Simonsen, CEO at Conpleks, and continues,

– First of all, we participate in the SqM-Farm project, where an interaction between artificial intelligence and data from satellites, drones and robots can support farmers’ handling of precision farming, which among others is beneficial for the environment. Secondly, we are always aiming for our autonomous robots to either solve difficult and wearing tasks or to carry out cumbersome tasks enabling the crew to solve more important and relevant tasks.

Multi-level sustainability
– We must take advantage of the fact that we have one of the world’s leading robot industries and at the same time ensure that it also contributes to the green transition. This is what the strategy should help achieve. It is amazing how many opportunities robot technology offers us, says Minister of Education and Research, Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen.

The national robot strategy includes the following 11 focus areas, which cover a wide range of topics. Common to the topics as well as the visions behind is that they all contain some kind of sustainability, not least in the contribution to the green transition, but also through the industry and competence development among the Danish companies and their employees.

The first national robot strategy

The 11 focus areas of the strategy
Research and innovation
1: Research, innovation, development and demonstration in the field of robotics
2: Technological service for Danish companies that develop and use robots
3: Better overview of the access to research infrastructure
4: Better access to ESA and NASA for Danish robot researchers and companies

Access to competences
5: Strengthened robotic skills through training and education

6: Strong Danish participation in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
7: Access to world-leading robotic environments through the Danish innovation centers
8: Attracting foreign investors
9: Customized export campaigns

Use of robot technology in Danish companies
10: Knowledge of barriers regarding the companies’ investment in automation and employee skills
11: Strengthened innovation in the robot industry through knowledge collaborations in cluster organizations and innovation networks

Continue to the Ministry of Education and Research’s website to read the full Robot strategy with the 11 focus areas in Danish.